Gillespie's Primary Challengers, Including Immigration Patriot Shak Hill
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If you read Treason Lobbyist Ed Gillespie Wants To Be Virginia’s GOP Senator. Is He The Worst Candidate Ever?, you know that Ed Gillespie has a lot of money, and a lot of Establishment support, but he still has to win the primary to get to be the GOP candidate for Senator. (The Wikipedia on the Virginia Senate race lists the Republican candidate as “TBD.”) There are three other candidates.

Two of the other candidates, Tony DeTora, congressional policy adviser,  and Chuck Moss, businessman, don’t even mention immigration on their websites.

The other candidate in the race is Shak Hill, an insurance man. A blog called “The Rightwing Liberal” points out that “only Shak Hill has experience in both the private sector economy (outside of lobbying) and in government. He is also the only candidate in the bunch (including Gillespie) who has actually won an election.”

Charlottesville Libertarian Examiner Richard Sincere says that "GOP Senate candidate Shak Hill thinks government is 'overreaching'" July 31, 2013. On immigration, however, Hill thinks government is underreaching, on enforcement, on assimilation, on Official English, and a bunch of other Nation Question issues. Here’s what he’s said about them:

 “I believe in American Exceptionalism. This demands first, that there needs to be an America. We need a common language, recognized borders, and common culture. Years ago, immigrants assimilated into the culture, and we became this great “melting pot” of citizens in search of their American Dream. This is not happening today.

Having a second language in the home is a blessing to that family, but it can be destructive to the nation. I personally encourage my children to learn a second language, as it expands their opportunities. But they first have to be proficient in English. English is the language of America, but more importantly, the language of business around the world!

We have to immediately enforce existing immigration laws, secure our borders, review our immigration policy through the “front door,” and never give amnesty to illegal aliens.”

That is so much common sense that it should be part of the Republican platform.

He’s getting no publicity at the moment, of course, but maybe he’ll be lucky enough to have his common sense denounced as racist, then it will be in all the papers.

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