Excessive Immigration + Dubya Fecklessness = Young American Enslavement
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We at VDARE.com have long been aware that Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent is one of the most powerful minds currently deployed on the Patriotic side: see Superb Anti-GOP Blog On Occidental Dissent from 2013.

The Return of W. Hunter Wallace Occidental Dissent February 15, 2016 deserves to be read as a conclusive condemnation of the catastrophic Dubya regime.

But what grabs my attention is that Wallace has come up with the key document about the appalling Student Loan atrocity about which Peter Brimelow wrote in Gang Of 8 Plans Further Immiseration Of New College Graduates

Student Loans W. signed a 2005 bankruptcy law that prevented students from discharging their student loans by declaring bankruptcy
This links to How the Bush Administration Pointlessly Screwed Over Student Borrowers by Jordan Weissmann Slate.com April 16, 2015

This throwback to medieval lending laws is causing immense misery to many of America’s most able young people. (and the article suggests a promising escape route).

But from the VDARE.com perspective this issue is hugely exacerbated by the Cheap Labor Lobby’s greed. If traditional Student jobs were not taken by migrant workers and entry level jobs were not devalued by excessive H1-B floods, the young would be better able to meet these debts.

It’s the Immigration, Stupid!

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