German Finance Minister: Without Muslim Immigration, Germans Could Degenerate Via Inbreeding
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Via Google Translate from the German language Die Welt:

“Muslims in Germany are an asset”

Clear words from Wolfgang Schäuble:

Well, maybe not so clear in Google Translate, but clear enough …
The finance minister fears rather [i.e., more] the degeneration of German inbred as [i.e., than] an Islamization. Particularly a group of Muslim immigrants, he praises.

Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) rejected the partitioning of Europe against immigration. “The foreclosure is but what would make us broken, which could degenerate us in inbreeding,” he told the weekly ” Time “. “For us Muslims in Germany an enrichment of our openness and our diversity.” The show, the third generation of Turks in Germany, especially the women. “That is nevertheless an enormous innovatory potential!” Said Schäuble.

Herr Schäuble is currently sharing his wisdom at the 2016 Bilderberg Conference in Dresden.

As I explained in 2010:

The Bilderbergers are an invitation-only group of rich and powerful people who have been getting together secretly in expensive hotels since 1954 to discuss how to make the world a better place for rich and powerful people. Not surprisingly, the Bilderbergers are the subject of much conspiracy theorizing.

In recent years, they’ve been overshadowed by the Davos confab, which cleverly took the opposite tack: maximize publicity. Sure, it’s fun to secretly hang out with your fellow Bilderbergers, but it can be more fun to boast about your invitation to Davos. The Davos strategy is to invite journalists to lecture rich and powerful guys. The rich and powerful guys treat the journalists like peers with fascinating insights, then the journalists go home and write articles about how today’s crop of rich and powerful guys are so much more wonderful than you might think.

There is less conspiracy theorizing about Davos than Bilderberg because Davos hires platoons of PR flacks to tell everybody that, yes, the people who get invited to Davos do Run the World. So that takes all the fun out of it for the conspiracy theorists.

It appears the Bilderbergers may be slowly moving in the Davos direction [by posting the names of their invitees].

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