"Georgia Teen" Malachi Mpata Charged With Rape In High School Bathroom. African Immigrant?
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The Daily Mail reports that a "Georgia teen" has committed rape, including forced oral sex, in the bathroom of a Georgia school. (It was a boys room, no transgenderism is involved.)

Georgia high school student, 16, is arrested and charged as an adult after he 'raped 15-year-old girl in boys' bathroom'

  • Malachi Mpata, 16, was arrested after he allegedly forced a 15-year-old female classmate into the boys' bathroom and raped her
  • He also forced her to perform oral sex while gripping her neck, a warrant says
  • A neighbor said she was shocked to learn of the arrest, and said Mpata had aspired to become a doctor
  • Mpata is now in a Cobb County, Georgia jail facing rape and sodomy charges

[By Michelle Thompson, Dailymail.com, December 20, 2021]

Here are the racial statistics for the school, via Greatschools:

The Greatschools website is now putting all races in green, like an old joke about "color-blindness." I have two questions. The first is the purely American issue of the fact that not only is the victim's name unreported, for reasons of decency, but so is her race, so we have no idea whether this is an interracial rape or not.

The other question is this: Is Malachi Mpata an African-American, descended from generations of Georgian black ancestors, or an African?

I can only guess from his picture, and even the Daily Mail isn't saying:

The only famous person I can find named Mpata is a Tanzanian named Simon Mpata, who was a painter.

The website Forebears.io has a map of where there are people named Mpata in the world, and they say

Mpata is a surname of the Senga tribe, meaning: valley. Approximately 10,416 people bear this surname.
Most prevalent in: DR Congo [that's the former Belgian Congo]
Highest density in: Malawi [Nyasaland]

The map looks like this:

The red parts are places where people named Mpata are supposed to be, and the light yellow parts are where there are a few Mpatas as a result of mass immigration. There are actually only two, which may mean two families, listed in the U.S. (None is actually in Alaska, that's just the U.S. map.)

If you drill down on the Forebears.io website, the two American instances of Mpata are in North Carolina and Georgia—which is presumably the Mpata who's in Cobb County jail charged with rape.

So is Mpata an immigrant? Well, remember the subhead in the Daily Mail story above about him wanting to be a doctor?

'I just honestly, I'm shocked,' Sarah Dell told CBS46. 'I just can't believe what he's being accused of. He watches the kids without his mother even asking.

'I've seen him around children, he's been in my house. I mean he's going to school and said he wants to be a doctor. It's just stunning.'

If Mpata actually became a doctor, it would be reported as a feel-good immigrant story. If, after that, Dr. Mpata committed a rape or murder, then it would be back to "Georgia Doctor." It's always Schrödinger's immigrant as far as the press is concerned.

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