George Zimmerman, Wrecker
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From the Chicago Tribune:

New records released by prosecutors in the George Zimmerman murder case show federal civil rights investigators interviewed dozens of his friends, neighbors and coworkers, but found no one who said Zimmerman was a racist.

And if they had?

This whole brouhaha is basically the equivalent of a 1930s Stalinist show trial of "wreckers." The Five Year Plan not going as planned? Find some engineers to be blamed for throwing wrenches in their turbines out of spite. Blacks still shooting each other in large numbers? Find a Great White Defendant to play the symbolic role of Racist Wrecker.

Of course, the whole thing rapidly turned into a fiasco with the GWD turning out to look like a cross between Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez, and the victim of profiling turning out to have a history of burglary.

FBI agents interviewed an array of people involved in Zimmerman's life, including several coworkers. None said they had ever known him to show racial bias. One who saw him the day after the shooting said Zimmerman was "beat up physically and emotionally." 

Agents also interviewed Chris Serino, the Sanford police department's lead investigator in the case. He told agents he believed Zimmerman had pursued Trayvon Martin "based on his attire," and not "skin color." Zimmerman, he said, has a "little hero complex" but is not a racist. ...

 Zimmerman's ex-fiancee', who filed a domestic violence injunction against him in 2005, also had kind things to say about his behavior around blacks, the FBI reported.

He socialized and played basketball with white, black and Hispanic men and "never exhibited any biases or prejudices against anyone and did not use racial epithets of any kind", an agent quoted her as saying. 

The woman told the FBI Zimmerman "began to exhibit overly protective and territorial behavior" after their engagement. Once they moved in together, the relationship "deteriorated," she told agents. She also talked about incidents of violence between them, culminating when they filed domestic-violence injunctions against each other in 2005. 

Zimmerman "often talked about wanting to be a police officer," the ex-fiancée said.

George Zimmerman is the pardo Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

To step back: I've got to figure that, in contrast, the next time the gay lobby decides to go all in on some killing of a gay, they'll make sure to get their ducks in a row better than the black lobby did on Trayvon. And if the story still turns out to be a fiasco, the gays will be able to use their media power to massage The Narrative.

Blacks still have a ton of symbolic clout, but they don't have a lot of competent people in positions of power to suavely manage the storyline, so things tend to unravel on them like this.

No wonder nice white people are slowly switching from blacks to gays as their Most Favored Oppressed Minority. We live in an era that values skillful marketing above just about anything else, and blacks, while they have moments of genius, generally don't execute as well as gays.

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