George Kelly Ranch Shooting Prosecution Is Intended To Terrorize All Border Ranchers, Keep Them From Acting
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The case of George Alan Kelly fascinates me a bit.  I don’t know if he shot and killed an illegal alien on his property or not [Arizona rancher George Alan Kelly jury to take field trip to borderland property at center of murder trial, by Danielle Wallace, Fox News, April 9, 2024]. However, I do know that the powers that be are afraid of ranchers taking the law into their own hands, and so whether or not he did it is almost immaterial to them.  They want to convict him to scare ranchers across the border from acting. 

It’s sort of like the January 6 protesters and how they were railroaded.

Kelly claimed that earlier on the day of the shooting, he had seen armed men walking within 100 feet of his home. He claims to have fired warning shots at them. They supposedly fired warning shots of their own. Later, when George Kelly found the body, he called his liaison with the Border Patrol. The prosecution is claiming that they found a spent shell casing from an AK-47 on Kelly’s porch.

Arizona rancher, 73, pleads NOT GUILTY to murdering Mexican migrant shot dead on his land —as he smiles as he returns to court after posting $1M bond through Christian donation page

  • George Alan Kelly denies shooting Gabriel Cuen-Butimea on January 30
  • The rancher says he fired warning shots but never aimed at the men
  • Kelly had called for back up, then called police when he found the body

 By Jen Smith, Dailymail.Com, March 6, 2023

I have several questions about that. Did George Kelly own an AK-47? It’s possible, but it is suspicious. A lot of Americans own AR-15s, but AK-47s are not as easy to come by. If you are a Mexican drug smuggler, there are a lot more AKs available on the south side of the border. 

The body of the deceased was moved by first responders, so it’s difficult to know where the shot came from. Plus, the bullet went right through him and has not been found. So who even knows what the deceased was shot with? 

As with the O.J. Simpson trial and Trump’s trial in Manhattan, trials are won or lost at voir dire. The prosecution will be putting as many Hispanics as possible on the jury and yelling racist over and over again. 

Frankly, even if he did kill the illegal alien (who was likely serving as a scout for the cartels based on his camouflage clothing), I think he should be acquitted.  It’s not like he went out searching for trouble, trouble came to find him.






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