Schumer Derails Mayorkas Impeachment—Will GOP Campaign On Border?
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To the shock of no one, Schumer has derailed the Mayorkas impeachment trial [Schumer succeeds in killing off Mayorkas impeachment trial before it can begin, by Anna Giaritelli and David Sivak, Washington Examiner, April 17, 2024].

Now, will the Stupid Party take a golden opportunity to campaign on this? They have more than enough ammo to prove the opening of the border is being done intentionally by Democrats. They should have a split screen with Mayorkas on one side saying that “The border is secure,” while on the other screen a massive wave of immigrants is let through. The Stupid Party could show Biden bragging about an “unrelenting flow” of immigrants coming into the U.S. Before House Speaker Mike Johnson folded on immigration enforcement (one has to wonder if they have compromising pictures of him), his staff compiled a list of 64 actions taken by Biden and the Cuban dwarf to undermine border security and immigration enforcement.

We can only pray that the Stupid Party runs ads across the country highlighting the treacherous actions of the Democrats.

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