Gay, Illegal Alien, Mexican Murderer Gets 16 Years To Life
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"Gay, Illegal Alien, Mexican Murderer Gets 16 Years To Life" is not how a local paper in Santa Barbara reports that a Mexican National drew a lengthy prison term after he pleaded guilty to Second Degree Murder. The details are gruesome and they confirm yet again that President Trump is right. Mexico is not sending her best people to the US.
Eight years ago, Eutimio Osvaldo Aispuro stabbed Samuel Bautista Justo over 50 times after a "sexual encounter between the two." Aispuro then stole items from the victim's apartment and fled to his native Mexico. 
In June 2016, the US Border Patrol picked up Aispuro near Tucson. He had entered the US illegally again and was using an assumed name.  Fingerprints revealed his true identity and he was extradited to Santa Barbara. [Mexican National Draws Lengthy Prison Term in 2010 Slaying in Santa Barbara,  by by Tom Bolton, Noozhawk, November 5, 2018]
This will not make the national news as it is election time.  Moreover, it is just another ho-hum story of a Mexican, illegal alien murderer and no young American woman was killed.  
Mexico is not sending her best. How long will this go on? 
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