California Wildfires: Instead Of Talking About Climate Change, Look At Overpopulation
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See, 15 years earlier by Steve Sailer:Those California Conflagrations—And Immigration, November2, 2003

Two weeks ago a friend asked why I moved out of beautiful Santa Barbara. A week prior to that, another commented about the terrible California fires and climate change. But climate change is not the issue in California. The issue no one is talking about is population.

Former California resident Joe Guzzardi, now in Pennsylvania, explains here: Joe Guzzardi: California’s Worst Wildfires Must be a Wake-Up Call, Nooshawk, November 18, 2018 The population continues to increase, not only in California but also in the US. In 1950, California's population was 11 million. It is now 40 million. Has the water supply quadrupled?  Has the open space quadrupled? 

I live on Whidbey Island in Washington State. It’s gorgeous. What would happen if the population quadrupled? We are dependent on ground water. Hmm.

These are rhetorical questions. The answer is obvious.

All of the California  and US population increase since 1990 results from immigration and births to immigrants. If people want the statistics, I have them. 

 A Google search for CA population 1950 brings up this graph of California, Texas and New York population growth.


Since 1972, the U. S. total fertility rate has been at or below replacement level, 2.1.  It is currently 1.8. So why has the US population continued to rise?  Immigration. Here’s a a chart of the growth from NumbersUSA.

On the single-lane road where I live, there are 6 houses. Five of them are owned by former California residents. My son and his family moved out of California and now live near Seattle. My daughter and her family live in Sacramento and are planning to move out when their youngest goes on to middle school. 

I will be gone when Whidbey Island is run over with fleeing Californians but I feel sad about it.

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