Gang Bill Blocks Border Patrol From Querying Illegals Who Look Like Illegals
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Today's Illegals

H/T One Old Vet

Our trusty Talk Radio Show Listener reports another devastating scoop by Israeli-based Aaron Klein: CAUGHT! IMMIGRATION BILL SHACKLES BORDER AGENTS. Bars them from considering race or ethnicity ‘to any degree’

A truckload of young Hispanic men is spotted by a U.S. Border Patrol agent rumbling down a dusty road a mile north of the Mexican border toward El Paso, Texas.

How should the agent respond?

Under the immigration-reform bill currently under consideration by Congress, Border Patrol agents or any other law-enforcement officer who stops such a vehicle to demand identification might be found in violation of the law.

The legislation bars all federal law-enforcement officers, including border agents, from using race or ethnicity “to any degree” while making routine or spontaneous law-enforcement decisions, a KleinOnline review of the legislation has found.

Just in case any Border Patrol agent fails to get the message:

…the bill calls for the DHS secretary to begin within 180 days the collection of data regarding the “individualized immigration enforcement activities of covered Department officers.”

Any agent flagged by this data collection should not expect a commendation! Stopping suspects in proportion to the actual share their ethnic group constitutes of the illegal flow will clearly be extremely career-damaging.

As a practical matter, Klein has demonstrated that the Gang Bill is designed to terminate any meaningful immigration enforcement at the border.

And to facilitate the Immivasion domestically too: On July 25th Klein featuredImmigration bill makes it a crime to ‘discriminate’ against illegals. Justice Dept. to prosecute ‘unfair practices’ targeting newly documented aliens

The immigration reform bill will make it illegal for employees to discriminate against the millions of newly documented illegal aliens who are granted provisional status, a KleinOnline review of the legislation has found.

The anti-discrimination law applies to the following:
* The hiring of the individual for employment.
* The verification of the individual’s eligibility to work in the United States.
*And the firing of the individual wonders where the ability to speak English fits into this. It is not named as a possible defense.

Perhaps Aaron Klein’s excellent coverage of the Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill stems from his awareness of the jarring contrast with how Israel has handled its illegal immigration problem.

But then Israel’s rulers care about Israelis.

Applaud Aaron Klein

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