Solyndra and The Borrowed Generation
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With his Solyndra green energy project getting some bad press, billionaire oil man George Kaiser is looking for some good press by publicizing his $4 billion philanthropy. In Forbes, we see the very model of the modern major donor:
His experience taught him that “rich, smart parents tend to have rich, smart kids–not because it’s genetic but because they can create a home environment and sensory stimulation that lower-income kids often don’t get,” he says. “If you are born into poverty, the chances are good that your children will be born into poverty.”
The solution: “Find a way to give poor kids the same cognitive stimulus that rich kids receive and they should end up with the same tools for success.” 
... Oklahoma, like a lot of places in America, has universal preschool, but it begins only at age 4, at which point many poor kids are so far behind their rich peers that they’ll never catch up. 
... Educare is Kaiser’s favorite project. No matter how rich you are, it’s unlikely your children went to a preschool as grand as these. It starts with beautifully designed, light-filled buildings erected in the poorest parts of town. Classrooms and play areas are filled with the highest-quality educational toys, books, games, puzzles. Rooms average 15 kids and 3 teachers, who often have graduate degrees in early childhood education. They focus on increasing kids’ cognitive abilities through sensory stimulation and “serve-and-return” interaction–a child does something and you do something back. They even visit students’ homes to make sure they’re being brought up in a healthy environment. 
Parents are encouraged to keep them there all day–from as early as 7 a.m. to as late as 6 p.m.–in order to achieve the best results.
How much do 3-year-olds need to sleep at night? Eleven hours? So, if you are supposed to have your child at Educare at 7 a.m. and pick him up at 6 p.m. — for "best results" — that means you'll only have two waking hours per day (5 a.m. to 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., presumably) to ruin him with your no account ghetto ways.

That is the theory, right? To take poor black women's children away from them for almost every waking hour and have them raised by expert professionals? It might work ...

Then, again, doesn't it seem just as likely that decades from now there will be huge lawsuits over "a conspiracy to commit cultural genocide" (which will then become the preferred explanation for continuing black dysfunction), with the taxpayers shelling out multibillion dollar payout settlements to survivors?

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