Further Down The Road To Georgiafornia: English Language Optional For Georgia GOP
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More from the "why do you think I call it Georgiafornia" file. The Georgia GOP Website is now English optional. [Interestingly, the Georgia Democrat's site is all in that quaint old American English.] Our Republican governor, "No stance on record" Sonny Perdue, when he must acknowledge the issue of illegal immigration will normally take the political coward's way out and send out a spokesperson:

We recognize that there are serious concerns about illegal immigration, but the governor believes this is primarily a federal issue," Heather Hedrick, Perdue's spokeswoman, said Friday

. [Also in this AJC piece, read about state senator Chip Rogers, I predict good things for this courageous legislator.] Perdue on his support for amnesty:

“I applaud the President,” said Perdue. “We have a certain degree of hypocrisy about how we treat immigrants. Nevertheless, it’s the moral, right thing to do to address immigrants, documented and undocumented, to meet the needs of workers and citizens in our country.”

Hypocrisy indeed. Perdue is the governor who quietly formed the Latino Commission for a New Georgia soon after his election. One of his possible opponents in the election next year is Cathy Cox, presently Secretary of State, who, while under no legal obligation to do so, introduced Spanish language ballots for the last state wide election in Hall County, an area heavy with Latino illegals. "New America" - "New Georgia". Si? My advice? Check to see how much "New" the illegal alien lobby has created in your own state.

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