A Georgia Reader Contemplates Being Gone With The (Hispanic) Wind
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October 06, 2003

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From: Stephen S. Johnson, Atlanta, Georgia <[email protected]>

Recently the Republican Governor of Georgia, Sonny Perdue, foolishly organized another ethnicity-based organization, presumably as an effort to "reach out" to Hispanic voters in Georgia. The name of the organization: The Latino Commission for a New Georgia.

Since I've been a loyal VDARE.COM reader for at least the past two years I had a "feel" for what this commission would be all about. Barely off the ground, it has already been a focal point as the platform for demanding driver's licenses for illegal aliens as well as a host of other ethnic-based grievances.

It is precisely because of the predictable nature of these organizations that we knew that it would be a grave mistake to appoint one. But Sonny Perdue, being Sonny Perdue, couldn't be made to know any better.

Mundo Hispánico, a Spanish weekly in the Atlanta area, recently ran a headline "Los Dejan Sin Voz", (Left Without A Voice), 09/11/03 because the Governor had not appointed a Mexican on the commission.  The commission contains representatives from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Panama and Hispanics from the United States. But there is no representative from Mexico.

The next week, 09/18/03, Mundo Hispánico published a hate-filled tirade by Homero León, which the paper described as a lawyer and an activist. Mr. Leon wrote an article titled, "Governor Perdue is a Racist", in which he warned that because Mexicans were "invisible" on the Commission, the day of the Governor and his progeny will come…although it may take a few years.

Continuing his dire warning for the Governor, as well as apparently all white Republicans, Mr. Leon warned:

"And with God as my witness, I assure that the Latino vote, together with the African-American vote, will finally end the power of the Confederates. These racists will be "gone with the wind."

Racial politics are here to stay, including threats from the illegal alien lobby.  Dr. Samuel Francis is correct. Race cannot be ignored. Ethnicity does make a difference, because it's part of human nature.

And as the actions of Mr. Leon prove, Hispanics and blacks will make alliance to overthrow the social and political order created by whites – regardless of whether whites, misled by their good intentions, set up organizations for Latinos.  

Another clueless Republican has stepped into a minefield of racial politics.

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