Friends Of Abe Founder David Cole Says ALL Conservatism Inc.-ers "Read And Appreciate"!!
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avatar_328David Cole has had a wild career, most recently metamorphosing into a really interesting columnist at Takimag, where he just wrote
During my years as a high-profile (and very establishment) conservative writer and activist, every single National Review, FrontPage Mag, and PJ Media guy I worked with read and appreciated American Renaissance and VDARE…they would just never admit it publicly

The Conservative Media Meltdown, April 21, 2016. Emphasis and links added.

Cole is discussing Conservatism Inc.'s horror at the emergence of the Alt Right. He continues, interestingly:
I made the point earlier about how absurd it is to revere [Islamocritics] Geller and Schlussel while dismissing [AmRen Editor Jared] Taylor, and the neocon media higher-ups do understand that. They like Taylor. But they fear rank-and-file alt-rightists because, while engendering hatred toward Muslims is seen as safe, indeed beneficial, for Jewish neocons and their favorite causes (well, “cause,” singular—Israel), it’s believed that if you let in too many AmRen fanboys, you’ll start to accumulate people who are less-than-friendly toward Jews (and almost certainly, you will). So conservative publications like National Review have, in the past, indulged alt-rightists just enough to keep them as readers, but not enough to make them feel like part of the family.

The Trump candidacy has (in my opinion accidentally) led to a permanent end to that détente.

[Links added again]

(We've written admiringly about Debbie Schlussel's work, but it hasn't stopped her from attacking us as "racist and bigoted." This goes to the point that Cole says he made recently to a "neocon journalist":
“The alt-right is basically made up of people who are willing to say the kind of things about blacks and Hispanics that you’ll only allow said about Muslims.”)
Frankly, it's news to me that Conservatism Inc. types read I have always assumed they are too stupid and cowardly. But I am glad they like Jared, who is indeed very likable, not that it's done him any good.

As for Cole's wild career, here's Takimag's bio:

David Cole, the “Jewish Holocaust Revisionist,” spent the past eighteen years as David Stein the “Republican Party Animal,” working with GOP higher-ups and blogging for major conservative sites. His “outing” provided many examples of cringe-inducing humor, detailed in his book “Republican Party Animal.”
At the risk of sending the $PLC into delirium, I will say that I read Republican Party Animal and found it really interesting.

Cole, whose personal website is here, was the founder of the semi-secret Hollywood conservative affinity group Friends of Abe, from which his post-outing extrusion was indeed "cringe-inducing." Coincidentally, its dissolution has been just announced, amid speculation that its members were divided over an attempt to stop Donald Trump [Secretive group of Hollywood conservatives suddenly dissolves, by Rory Carroll, The Guardian, April 21, 2016].

On the basis of his book, I see little evidence that Cole is an immigration patriot, nor for that matter does he seem to view himself as a member of the Alt Right. But he's a reporter—here's his brilliant expose of MSM lies about Salt Lake City's Samoan gangs and the racial realities of running a bar in what Cole calls "our 'multicultural' police state."

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