Friday's One Old Vet Amnesty News Collection 18. Drudge 1 (Eventually)
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Unions to protect Employers from Immigration enforcement!

On Friday One Old Vet (who sadly is not well) posted a compendium of 18 Amnesty related stories.

Additionally as usual several others were selected for individual display. Of these (which included an astonishing video about the discovery of 90 (!!!)  illegals in one stash house in Brownsville) the most important linked to ICE Cuts Deal with Unions to Avoid Enforcing Immigration Law by Mallory Factor 27 Feb 2013. Using the example of

Palermo’s Villa, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin frozen pizza manufacturer that sells to Costco.

this reveals that because of

An agreement between the Department of Homeland Security and the Labor Department...If a union and an employer are engaged in a dispute over organizing workers, ICE is barred from pursuing an immigration investment of that workplace under this agreement.

A pro-immigrant group explained that this agreement means ICE can’t take action against workers who “have used a false Social Security Number or a borrowed Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to get a job” in any workplace in which there is an ongoing labor dispute. Enforcement of our laws apparently now takes a back-seat to labor unions’ “rights” to organize workplaces.

In effect, the Feds are using ICE influence to promote unionization, yet another transfer of wealth to a key Obamacrat client group at the expense of the rule of law.

The collection itself does have the mildly pleasant spectacle of Wisconsin’s Governor Walker trying to walk back his apparent endorsement of Citizenship for illegals picked up by OOV on Wednesday. Unfortunately in Scott Walker clarifies his stance in illegal immigration debate By Craig Gilbert Journal Sentinel Feb 28, 2013 the Governor, to the limited extent to which he is coherent, seems to feel that illegal immigration should be stopped by making more immigration legal. But it is encouraging that he felt obliged (for whatever reason) to retreat.

Two of the compendium articles involve Treason Lobby efforts to recruit greedy Agribusiness interests to the 2013 Amnesty battle including Schumer bill would aid farmers By Colleen Mahoney Genesee County Express Feb 28, 3013 which is an account of Senator Schumer angling for Dairy Industry support.

I repeat:  2013's Immigration Push Not Just Amnesty: Slave Power Wants Open Borders Too!

At 17-58 EST this evening Drudge put up a red headline ‘Homeland’ released over 2,000 immigrants...More linked to AP Exclusive: DHS released over 2,000 immigrants By Alicia A. Caldwell The Miami Herald 03.01.13

For most if the day there was nothing.

Musn't rile up the Serfs!

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