FRC Shooting Arrestee Floyd Lee Corkins—"Black Guy", "African-American", Gay, Or What?
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A picture of the alleged shooter at the FRC:

Floyd Lee Corkins

In the post below [Black Shooter Attacks The Family Research Council: I Blame The SPLC] I quoted a witness who said that the shooter was a “light skinned, middle-aged black guy”. It no longer says that.

Now the story at the same link says

Meanwhile, Beverly Crossley, who said she works in the adjoining building, said she saw the suspect in handcuffs. She described him as a “light skinned, middle-aged” African American who “had blood on his body” going down the left side of his tan pants. Maguire said she could not confirm Crossley’s description.

You see what they've done—they've deleted the two words "black guy" from the quote, and added their own "African-American" outside the quotation marks. The actual words of the witness have been disappeared, and survive only

Corkins is clearly not black,  but he may be African-American. It is really hard to tell what actual color someone is from a news photograph, as you may see from Nicholas Stix's photo essay on Valerie Jarrett below.

He seems also to be gay, which would be his gripe against the FRC:

Gay  organizations have condemned the shooting, and so has the White House.

When the Baytown Rapist was attacking young white males in Texas,  the AP had a headline saying

Rapist Preys on Men in Houston Area, December 18, 2006

I wrote at the time that there were two words missing from that headline: black...and gay. Expect them to continue missing from headlines about this case.

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