Franklin Regional High School: Mass Stabbing In Whitopia, Stabber's Ethnicity Unannounced
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No name of any kind has been announced regarding the attacker (a "male student" in custody) in the latest school attack, unusually a mass stabbing. [20 stabbed at Pennsylvania high school; suspect in custody, By Michael Walsh, New York Daily News, April 9, 2014]

No one seems to be actually dead yet, but some injuries are lifethreatening.

I can tell you that Murrysville, PA,  where the assault took place, is roughly 95 percent white and 3 percent Asian, according to Wikipedia, and the Franklin Regional High School is 94 percent white, 4 percent Asian, with a little less than 1 percent each of black, Hispanic, and American Indian students, according the Greatschools chart we always use on these occasions.

Some points, based on general principles.

Finally, the stabber, whatever color he  may be, may be one of the many categories of people immune to the death penalty, and to lesser extent, real imprisonment—crazy people, the mentally retarded, and persons under 18. It might be time to rethink these exemptions, except that they can't be rethought. They're mostly the result of Supreme Court decisions.

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