Fox: "Boston Bombings May Doom Immigration Deal"
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Steve Sailer has intoduced me to the icky-sounding term "Flop Sweat" in the context of the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill's increasing loss of momentum. It's evident even in this Treason Lobby propaganda piece from Fox: the new pollaganda ploy of asking Americans about a "path to citizenship" with artfully vague requirements is failing:

A Quinnipiac University poll taken this week said in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings 23 percent of voters changed their opinion on whether to allow a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

And that was before two Kazakh nationals, both in the country illegally, were arrested Wednesday for trying to destroy evidence at the behest of the surviving bombing suspect...

Boston Bombings May Doom Immigration Deal, by Chris Stirewalt,, May 2 2013

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