Fort Hancock, TX: The Problem Is It's Not A Real Fort
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Via Stand With Arizona's YouTube Channel:

Fort Hancock, Texas's immigration problem is so bad that the County Sherriff famously told local citizens to be sure to arm themselves for self-defense. He and his men can't be everywhere, and there are no Federal troops available.

Of course, Fort Hancock used to be a real fort, back in the days of the Indian Wars, but it's not fortified any more, and there's no real fencing between it and Mexico. (The Rio Grande is a trickle there.)

I see Brenda blogged about this a while back—she said

An amusing part of the video is when a local rancher makes a little joke about how he always thought that a fence had to enclose something to work. The silly construction shown below is a political fence that allows politicians like Obama to say they are engaged in border security.

What Fort Hancock could really use is an actual troop of cavalry, with armored vehicles and Humvees instead of horses, but the Obama Regime is unlikely to send them.

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