Former Congressman Tom Tancredo Defends On BREITBART
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Tom Tancredo, who Steve Sailer called "America's MVP"  (Most Valuable Politician) when Tancredo, in Congress, was the leader of  Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus on the Republican  side of the House, has an op-ed in Breitbart defending us:
Tancredo: Establishment Media, GOP Betray First Amendment over VDARE Conference

By Tom Tancredo,

A conference planned for April 2018 at a resort in Colorado Springs — a conference, not a political rally — was abruptly canceled this past week by resort owners after local officials in the most heavily Republican county in Colorado warned that they would withhold police protection against threatened disruption by protesters.

It appears that in Colorado Springs, the left does not need to show up and disrupt an event, they can merely threaten to do so and city officials run for cover like cockroaches.

The conference sponsors issued this statement after the cancellation.

I had been asked to speak at the conference and would gladly have done so. I know that the VDARE Foundation’s only crime is to espouse the politically incorrect view that our immigration policy should be based on the needs of our own country. Pretty radical stuff, huh?

The VDARE Foundation conference planned for the Cheyenne Mountain Resort had been announced months ago, but on Monday, August 14, two days after the Charlottesville riot, a local Colorado Springs television news story cited the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) attack on the VDARE Foundation and quoted the SPLC’s slander against VDARE as a proponent of alleged “hate speech.”

The very next day, on August 15, the city’s Republican mayor publicly asked the resort owners to reconsider the hosting of the VDARE conference. But the mayor did not stop there; he issued this official warning: The City of Colorado Springs will not provide any support or resources to this event…”

The message was there will be no police protection if violent protests occur...[Read the whole thing]

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