Flying Rocks and Crashed Helicopters
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While visiting the Arizona - Mexican border last year, I vividly remember the brave American Border Patrol Agents in Douglas (America) warning me: "Watch for flying rocks from the other side" they said... meaning the ten foot aluminum fence not ten yards away. "They throw them when you aren't looking".

The other side? Mexico, Fox, and more than 100 million desperate "willing workers"...the Third World. Now, I read that American helicopters are being brought down by the future "willing workers". With rocks. Sound familiar? Wanna go for a Republic? Me neither. And I don't care who knows it. I can't help but wonderagainwhat my twentieth century Detroit cop grandfather would do...or say. Rule of law? Secure borders? Common language? Equal protection under the law? I think I know. Enough!...If I clean it up, I imagine. Sorry Grandpa. (Note to Morris and MALDEF: ... he is gone now, no action here, move on.)When is the next election again?

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