Flying Rocks and Crashed Helicopters
August 26, 2005, 03:12 PM
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While visiting the Arizona - Mexican border last year, I vividly remember the brave American Border Patrol Agents in Douglas [America] warning me: "Watch for flying rocks from the other side" they said... meaning the ten foot aluminum fence not ten yards away. "They throw them when you aren`t looking". The other side? Mexico, Fox, and more than 100 million desperate "willing workers"...the Third World. Now, I read that American helicopters are being brought down by the future "willing workers". With rocks. Sound familiar? Wanna go for a Republic? Me neither. And I don`t care who knows it. I can`t help but wonder - again - what my twentieth century Detroit cop grandfather would do...or say. Rule of law? Secure borders? Common language? Equal protection under the law? I think I know. Enough!...If I clean it up, I imagine. Sorry Grandpa. [Note to Morris and MALDEF: ... he is gone now, no action here, move on.] When is the next election again?