Florida Judges Need (gag!) Racial Sensitivity Training?
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A gaggle of minority and women lawyer associations ["Representatives of the Cuban, Hispanic, Haitian, Caribbean, Asian Pacific, black and women's bar associations "] in Broward County Florida are asking local judges to undergo special training to make them more user-friendly with women and minorities.

No, I am not kidding.

There were a couple of incidents which inspired this action:

A woman was seeking a restraining order against her husband and the judge had the audacity to require that she addressed the court in English instead her native Spanish. His reasoning? She has been a resident of Florida for 19 years and he questioned her—in Spanish—to determine that she could in fact speak English before he made the demand.

What a meanie!

Then there is the judge who allegedly asked the immigration status of a few defendants and allegedly turned them into immigration authorities for deportation proceedings after their cases were handled.

How dare he!

Finally, we have the judge who was complaining about the janitorial service responsible for the daily upkeep of his courtroom when he said:

''The people that — that they hire may live in hovels, but they don't have to leave courtrooms and the places they work looking like a slum.''

Personally, I laughed outloud at that one...

You can read the rest of the story for yourself (here) in the Miami Herald.

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