Another Shooting In Ferguson On One Year Anniversary Of Michael Brown's Death
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The ride never ends.

A man who authorities say opened fire on officers in Ferguson, Missouri, on the anniversary of Michael Brown's death was critically wounded when the officers shot back, St. Louis County's police chief said early Monday.

Chief Jon Belmar said at a news conference that officers had been tracking the man, who they believed was armed, during a protest marking the death of Brown, the black, unarmed 18-year-old whose killing by a white Ferguson police officer touched off a national "Black Lives Matter" movement.

The man approached the officers, who were in an unmarked police van, and opened fire, Belmar said. The officers returned fire from inside the vehicle and then pursued the man on foot when he ran.

The man again fired on the officers, the chief said, and all four officers fired back. He was struck and fell.

[Police: Man Shot Near Ferguson Protest Critically Injuredby Jim Salter and Jim Shur, Associated Press, August 10, 2015]

The Main Stream Media media is doing its best to maintain the larger Narrative of brave people resisting the white racist power structure. But even some of the left wing organizers are getting fed up with the inability of "protesters" to stay on message.

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