Fellow Asians: You Must Blame Whites For Black Attacks On Our Elders
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Earlier: Viet Thanh Nguyen In TIME "Who Gets to be American?" Who Asked Him?

Over the years, I’ve paid a fair amount of attention to the politically correct racist hate coming from USC professor Viet Thanh Nguyen [Email him], a Pulitzer-prize winning novelist, because, compared to most of his peers, he is clearly a smart guy. I wonder if he’s driven by the urge to play the Woke game so vociferously in the hopes that he could bully Hollywood into finally making a movie out of his Great Vietnamese-American Novel, The Sympathizer …

The professor got roasted in his replies for his racism, leading to this:

You can see why elites so much want to have the Biden Administration and the tech monopolists more strongly censor social media: it provides too level of a playing field. In the past, you’d have to deal with one critical Letter to the Editor being published a week after your column. But today, you, a Pulitzer Prize winner, can quickly be logically/empirically/morally humiliated by scores of Internet Randos. That is the crime of lèse-diversité.

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