Feds Moving On Innocent Whites
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Anarcho-Tyranny, the trenchant insight of the great Samuel Francis, is in full force as part of the government moving to gin up White crime and boost arrests of whites to counter the continuing Black crime wave that started in the early 1960s and has yet to abate.  Part of this is fabricating or attributing to Whites criminal or terrorist activity or planning... or even thought crimes. 

Part of this is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funded Fusion Centers.  I have been critical of Fusion Centers before, as the Obama Regime claimed returning veterans were terrorists, as well as attacking Jared Taylor and American Renaissance as thought criminals [Federale On American Renaissance Lynch Mob Trigger, by Patrick Cleburne, VDare, January 12, 2011 and Fusion Centers In The NYT: Didn’t Someone Report This A Year Ago?, by Federale, VDARE, October 6, 2012].  Apologies for the broken links in the posts; my original blog, Federale, was deleted by Google, but some of the work is available on the Wayback Machine.  Fortunately, Patrick Cleburne’s article quotes generously from the original post.

Just as Fusion Centers slandered veterans, Libertarians, and American Renaissance, now the target is Whites in general, blaming them for violence wholly attributable to Blacks and Antifa terrorists.  In this case, the reporting on Maine Information and Analysis Center (MIAC), run by the Maine State Police, while it should be about terrorism threats by BLM and Antifa, reporters about MIAC at the Maine News were blaming those who noticed the terrorism. 

The ultimate purpose of this is to make MIAC more woke.  Helpfully, the Lying Press made it clear that Whites who report Black and Antifa terrorism are the problem, not the terrorism itself.  Of note, pre-positioning of weapons is a established Antifa tactic, also used at Charlottesville.

In this case, the MIAC was accurately reporting Black and Antifa terrorist tactics. However, the reporting from the Lying Press about the intelligence reports has a clear agenda, turn Fusion Centers into White policing agencies designed to ignore actual Black crime and make political statements by Whites a crime.

The Wolfman’s blog also promoted a May 16 protest at Gov. Baker’s home, which was co-sponsored by Super Happy Fun America, a hate group that organized the Boston Straight Pride Parade last year and a rally at Boston Police headquarters last February in support of Immigration and Customs Enforcement crackdowns on immigrants. According to Daily Beast journalist Will Sommer, Super Happy Fun America is a front for the violent white-nationalist group Resist Marxism.

On June 3, the MIAC disseminated a DHS “open intelligence” report based on a tweet from an anonymous account called Marlene45MAGA. The tweet included two pictures, of bricks neatly stacked next to a sidewalk and a roadway, and asked, “What if hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes & antibacterial soap had magically appeared to fight the #WuhanFlu like these bricks showed up to help #protest2020 destroy neighborhood businesses? Who thinks the #GeorgeFloydProtests spread across America faster than #coronavirus?”

In its report, DHS also referenced a retweet of that tweet (with the account name redacted) that declares, “BRICKS SET UP TO FUEL PROTEST!” and includes a hashtag calling Antifa a “domestic terrorist” organization.

[Maine Spy Agency Spread Far-Right Rumors of BLM Protest Violence, by Nathan Bernard and Caleb Horton, Maine News, July 7, 2020]

While at first glance, it may appear that someone in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the local cops are patriots, that is more likely an outlier.  The clear target of the press here is Whites noticing Black and Antifa crime, a thought crime if you will.  Which, like reporting real Black crime, will be the new crime.  All in the service of the new Blood Libel on White Americans.

There are however more woke FBI agents than those in Boston. While the riots were hot and heavy, the FBI was apparently more concerned about policing White political opinions than fighting terrorism.

The FBI’s war on civil liberties and political dissent is kicking up a notch.

National Justice interviewed Shandon Simpson, an Ohio-based member of the National Guard currently being discharged who was humiliated, threatened and tortured by federal agents. He was never charged for a crime.

A parallel military investigation found that, while initially his identity was withheld (he wasn’t charged with anything), the FBI later leaked it to Christopher Schiano of the “antifa” group Unicorn Riot.

Simpson was then ordered to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in hopes he would stay silent about what he was subjected to. Simpson having his rights violated has compelled him to speak out anyway.

[Interview w/ National Guardsman Tortured & Threatened by FBI for Political Beliefs, Before Leaking His Info to ANTIFA, by Eric Striker, Truth To Power, July 7, 2020]

This confirms that the FBI, rather than rounding up the real terrorists in Antifa and BLM, is now an anti-White political police.

Simpson’s ordeal should be considered within the context of the FBI’s crack down on “white domestic terrorists.” Multiple sources across the country have told National Justice that the FBI has harassed them, usually relating to political and social discussions held on the free speech messaging app Telegram.

Federal agents appear to be heavily infiltrated in Telegram chatrooms and are aggressively grasping at straws in hopes of netting a white villain they can parade for the cameras. The political goal is to take attention off the killing and rioting by anarchists and black groups going largely unpunished across the country right now.

How desperate can the FBI be than to be lurking in Telegram chat rooms? But one must be careful on some of this.  Simpson makes some incredible accusations but some of the details don’t hold up.

Simpson: I was approached by about seven FBI agents from the counter-terrorism unit, two members of the CIA, and a military intelligence officer, who pulled me out in front of my unit.

They then began asking me if I was Zoltanous HN on YouTube and Telegram, where I have promoted the ideas of nationalism and third positionism. I had previously made it known that I was serving in the military through these channels and an undercover federal agent in the chat room sprung into action.

I never said anything illegal. They were asking me about a single out of context comment where I said my unit was being deployed with live ammo.

The FBI agents then began aggressively needling me about my political beliefs. They asked me about my personal views, whether I engaged in activism, if I was at Charlottesville, and whether I was a member of any nationalist organization, they named a few like Patriot Front and Vanguard America.

They also asked if I knew various journalists and political commentators, like you (Eric Striker) because they saw your telegram channel on my phone, and whether Richard Spencer was affiliated with any terror networks.

It was clear that their information on dissidents is being fed to them by very prejudiced second hand sources outside of law enforcement, like the SPLC or ADL. It was clear they were shooting in the dark and asking ridiculous questions that a person with even superficial knowledge of the nationalist movement would not have to ask. They were very desperate.

ES: I heard something about them threatening you with violence during the interrogation. What exactly did they say and why didn’t you get a lawyer?

Simpson: I was unable to get a lawyer because my superior officer gave me an order to talk to them.

Now, The FBI does not interview members of the military on active duty without the presence of the appropriate investigative agency for the particular service, in this case Army Criminal Investigative Division (CID).  Furthermore, regulations prohibit soldiers from being interviewed without a specific warning, similar to a Miranda Warning, Article 31 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).  And there are law firms ready to take such a case.

Regulations also prohibit command staff from ordering any soldier to respond to questions.  Such an order is illegal and subjects that commanding officer to court martial.  Furthermore Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officers don’t go around interviewing anyone in the United States other than aliens temporarily in the United States who are or will be sources overseas, otherwise any activity in the United States is illegal.  They don’t accompany FBI agents during investigations.  Furthermore, a soldier on active duty has a right to an attorney.  Deprivation of this right is also a serious criminal violation, not only by the unit command staff, but also the Army intelligence officer, as well as the FBI agents.

However, the apparent FBI concern that Richard Spencer is a terrorist is typical of the AWFL complexion of the FBI now.

Simpson has options.  My suggestion is that he immediately file a complaint with his command staff, the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (DOD OIG), the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General (DOJ OIG), and the CIA Office of Inspector General (CIA OIG).  Several people need to be before courts martial and criminal investigation, but not Simpson.  Whites still have the protection of the First Amendment.  And there are laws against conspiring to violate civil rights.

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