Federale On American Renaissance Lynch Mob Trigger
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As I write this, hugely excessive amounts of time are still being spent on the aftermath of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, including the minutiae of the condition of the poor Congresswoman herself. With a Glock bullet through her brain, the truth is that, like many American Servicemen brought home with similar wounds from Iraq and Afghanistan, she would probably be better off dead.

The most important outcome of the atrocity so far has been to illustrate once again how near to the surface is the lust amongst the leaders of the American Left for totalitarian repression. As Peter Brimelow has remarked, once one of these events gives them a shred of plausible justification, we are all going to get shut down. In the meantime, their servants in the MSM continue to try to use the event to intimidate cowardly Republicans out of arguing their political cases effectively. Much more productive than letting the House Republicans keep the initiative.

One thing that has faded, however, is the smear on American Renaissance, no doubt because of its extreme absurdity.Our favorite expert on the Law enforcement bureaucracy, the Federale blog, has produced an incisive analysis on how this near-lynching came to be set in motion:

Many are suggesting that the whole memorandum obtained by Fox is a fabrication, but I think that the originating memorandum is real. Real despite the glowing factual errors that many have pointed out...

Rather than a memorandum or formal intelligence bulletin...this is more likely an email alert going out from what Jared Taylor of American Renaissance identified as the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center, AcTIC, one of the hundreds of fusion centers...funded by DHS and run under FBI auspices and direction.

Federale acidly notes

Much of the training provided to the flatfoots assigned to these centers is of very low quality and highly politically correct. Most of the staff is the dregs of local, state and federal law enforcement. High performing officers, agents, and detectives are not given these assignments, as they produce no arrests or statistics…. their training is heavy on SPLC propaganda and the Islam is a religion of peace propaganda.

Noting the savage turf wars waged by so many agencies seeking glory in the area (generally, apparently, won by the FBI) Federale concludes

...fusion centers, are a way to pawn off politically connected Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, who would only interfere with or ruin a real FBI counter-terrorism investigation… clearly this memorandum was written by some useless flatfoot hack with ADL/SPLC connections and training. Just ask Tom Gerard. Or the Missouri Highway Patrol. Just making s—* up is generally what they do.

*My adjustment because of Peter Brimelow’s nerves.

VDARE.com likes to make fun of the $PLC. But the fact is the poison it has infiltrated into weak and timid minds in Police departments in a tremendous threat to American liberty.


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