Exit Polls—Ignore Them
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I'm going to join various people around the blogosphere to say that whoever you vote for, don't allow exit polls to influence your decision on whether to vote. Those things are frequently wrong, and can be used by the media in an attempt to suppress voting.

Instapundit writes

JUST A REMINDER: Basically, nothing the TV talking-heads say before the polls close means anything. Remember the bogus Kerry-victory exit poll reports from 2004?

UPDATE: Apparently, though, some networks just can't wait to call the election this time around. Hmm . . . .

The New York TImes story he's linking to [Networks May Call Race Before Voting Is Complete ], features a quote from David Plotz of Slate who says"Our readers are not stupid, and we shouldn't engage in a weird Kabuki drama that pretends McCain could win California and thus the presidency.We will call it when a sensible person—not a TV news anchor who has to engage in a silly pretense about West Coast voters—would call it."

How did California, which produced Ronald Reagan, become a state that the GOP couldn't possibly win? Immigration, that's how.

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