Ex-Muslim Warns Sweden that Islam Comes to Conquer
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It’s curious to learn that some Somali Muslims are not immersed in Koran study as part of their upbringing. But immigrant to Sweden Mona Walter said she had never read Islam’s holy book at home, which is 99.8 percent Islamic and is run according to sharia principles.

When Mona arrived in Sweden as a refugee at age 19, she “discovered” the truth about Islam from reading its book, that it is a religion of violence and repression. That knowledge put her on a spiritual and political journey which Dale Hurd documented several years ago in a CBN story:

Now she has converted to Christianity and is warning her new country about the dangers of her previous faith, which can be better understood as a wholistic political system, one not friendly to democratic rights and values.

Here’s a recent report on Mona and her efforts to wake up Swedes from their apparent belief that Diversity is the highest good. It isn’t, particularly when muslim immigration is concerned.

Ex-Muslim: “Swedes will lose Sweden in 50 years” Voice of Europe, April 11, 2019

Mona Walter is a Somali woman who came to Sweden in the 90’s. In Somalia, she had never been religious, but in Sweden she was more or less forced to go to the mosque and wear a hijab.

After a couple of years she rebelled, left Islam and became an atheist. Eventually she came to believe in Jesus and converted to Christianity.

“For many years I have tried to get the Swedes to understand what the Muslim goal is – to take over your country. The first thing they will do is demand sharia courts, just like in the UK”, she says.

But the mainstream media does not want to listen to Mona Walter. They call her controversial and most Swedes turn away from her message, which they perceive as too frightening, according to the news blog Ingrid and Maria.

“Swedes are so convinced that Swedish laws will always apply in their country. But ask any Englishman if he 30 years ago would have believed that Britain would have legal sharia courts in 2019. No one would have thought it possible.”

“If Sweden recognises Sharia courts the Muslims will have new demands, like permission to rule their own enclaves without interference from the Swedish society. The end goal is for Sharia to rule all of Sweden.”

[. . .]

But no one seems scared by the fact that Sweden now have approximately one million Muslims in the country, of which many have infiltrated the political parties to promote their own interests. The question is when Muslims will form their own party in Sweden.

In Belgium the Islam Party has been very successful over the last few years, with political goals like making the country a “100 percent Islamic state” and introducing Sharia law. They say Belgium will have a Muslim majority in only 12 years.

“The only solution for Sweden is to start a mass repatriation of people who think everything here is “haram”, that don’t want to become a part of society and refuse to assimilate.”

“If we don’t do that, Islam will take over in 50 years. The demography is very clear – in 100 years it’s game over”, Mona concludes.

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