Even Anti-Trump David French Doesn't Fall For The "Muslim Ban" Hype
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David French, the man Bill Kristol thought would run as a third-party candidate and derail Donald Trump's march to the White House, offers a good piece explaining that the infamous "Muslim ban" isn't.

Far from being a reactionary strike against innocent peace-loving Muslims everywhere, French explains, Trump's executive orders on immigration are quite moderate.[Donald Trump’s Refugee Executive Order: No Muslim Ban — Separating Fact from Hysteria, NRO, January 28, 2017]

Indeed, they don't go far enough. Far from "banning Muslims," as the pearl-clutching hysterics in the media suggest, Trump has erected a few easy-to-overcome security roadblocks and does little to stop the untrammeled flow of refugees

The piece also contains link to a report from The Heritage Foundation, which provides the long list of terror attacks and attempt terror attacks in this country since 9/11. [An Interactive Timeline of Islamist Terror Plots Since 9/11]

The obvious policy solution: close the borders.

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