Grieving Mom Calls Out Massachusetts Sanctuary Mayors for Violating Federal Law
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A couple of Bay State mayors have been waving their diversity flag and doubling down in support of sanctuary, like Boston’s Mayor Martin Walsh who promises a safe space for foreign invaders in his city’s city hall:
Sanctuary Suites: Defiant mayor vows to harbor illegals at Boston City Hall, Boston Herald, January 26, 2017

“If people want to live here, they’ll live here,” Walsh said yesterday. “They can use my office. They can use any office in this building. Any place they want to use. They’ll be able to use this building as a safe space.”

Why do liberal mayors think immigration to America is a right? Should the billions of poor people on the planet be permitted to move here just because they want to?

The mayors say they want to keep their communities safe, but crime victims of illegal aliens see it differently because sanctuary cities are less safe for American citizens.

Milford, Massachusetts, resident Maureen Maloney objected to the arrogant mayors because she lost her son Matthew Denice when a drunk-driving illegal alien dragged him to death. The Ecuadoran alien, Nikolas Guaman, had a long rap sheet but was protected by Massachusetts’ sanctuary policy, allowing him to remain and eventually kill 23-year-old Matthew.

Below, in 2014 Maureen Maloney gave a victim’s statement at the sentencing of Guaman for manslaughter.

In the current matter of sanctuary, Maloney said her family’s loss will never go away.

Grieving mom calls out pols grandstanding on sanctuary issue, Boston Herald, January 27, 2017

Any grandstanding mayor who actually harbors illegal immigrants should be prosecuted by the feds, said the grieving mother of a Milford man killed by a motorist who faces deportation after his jail sentence is up. . .

“The ripple effect of losing Matthew is not just the pain and suffering of me and his immediate family,” she stressed. “He had a longtime girlfriend. They were planning on getting married. He had a huge circle of friends and extended relatives. The ripple effect just goes on and on and on.

“I hear them saying that we’re separating these (illegal immigrant) families. Well, my family has been permanently separated. And I can’t call heaven and I can’t visit heaven. I have to go visit a grave,” she said. “The illegals do have other options. My son has no options. He had a very promising life, and it’s gone. There’s no other way to put it.”

She recently spoke on a Boston radio show:

Sheriff Thomas Hodgkins of Bristol County Massachusetts won’t accept the liberal do-gooder blather about protecting illegal aliens. He was interviewed on Fox News on Sunday and discussed the illegal aspect of sanctuary policy.

ED HENRY: You might call it a Sanctuary City Showdown. Some mayors are speaking out after president Trump’s executive move to strip funding for sanctuary cities.

BOSTON MAYOR MARTIN WALSH: You are safe in Boston. We will do everything lawful in our power to protect you.

SOMERVILLE MASS. MAYOR JOSEPH CURTATONE: Somerville will stand with you regardless of your race, creed, color, gender. . . We know what makes America great.

HENRY: But is it wrong for these mayors to say they will harbor illegal immigrants? The sheriff of Bristol County Massachusetts has vowed to arrest these mayors for breaking federal law. That Sheriff Thomas Hodgkins joins us right now. Sheriff, why are you going to arrest the mayors? Will you really go through it?

SHERIFF THOMAS HODGKINS: Well I’ve never said that I would arrest them; I’ve said that the federal authorities should absolutely should, based on the fact that Section 8 of the US code clearly states that anyone who harbors or conceals someone they know to be in the country illegally is in violation of a felony under federal law. When the rest of us — you and me, Ed — are required to follow a law, and when we don’t, we have agents knocking on our door arresting us. This is up to five years in prison for each alien that you attempt to harbor or conceal. You and I, if we did this, would certainly have the federal agents knocking on our door and putting us in handcuffs and taking us away for doing this. We could be harboring terrorists or anyone else.

HENRY: I want to get you to react then to what the mayor of Somerville told the Boston Herald. He said “My wife and I will gladly take a person into our home… I’m not going to run away from my responsibility to my fellow man.” What’s your reaction?

HODGKINS: Your responsibility is you’ve been elected uphold the laws of this country and of your community. You expect everybody to follow along the ordinances and laws of your community, yet you decide you don’t like a federal law so you’re going to publicly say I’m not going to enforce it and basically push it in the face of of the people, your community and the federal authority. So you better expect a knock on your door — I hope the Trump administration forgets the sanctions on money. We can’t have a special class of people, as is the illegals already, being told that you come here, and then elected officials on top of that wanting to have themselves be considered a special class of people that don’t have to follow the laws, but everybody else does. They need to follow the laws that have the same consequences that the rest of us do if we decide to violate those laws.

HENRY: And now that President Trump has taken this executive action, we’ll see whether or not the federal government actually does its job and follows through.

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