Europe's Migrant Air debuts - why not America's?
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"Migrant Air" has made its first flight. The BBC reports [Afghans removed from Europe- Wednesday, July 27 2005]

France and Britain have deported 40 illegal Afghan immigrants in a chartered flight jointly organised by both countries...The deportation comes less than a month after interior ministers from Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain agreed to co-operate in fighting illegal immigration.

First a group of politicians announce they will do something about illegal immigration. (Consolidate parcels of the same nationality into plane loads for bulk transportation.) Then they actually do it.

Shock, Awe!

Why can't this idea be imported?

Because it is , as pointed out here at the beginning of this month, the solution to the outrageous "Other than Mexican" scandal, the wilful release of apprehended border violators from countries not contiguous with the United States. First raised on by Juan Mann back in April, this was the subject of yet another MSM article this week. [Illegal entry by non-Mexicans rises - Kris Axtman The Christian Science Monitor July 26 2005]

...federal agents say a new crisis is emerging along the southern border and they are helpless to stop it. …Non-Mexicans are spilling over the border in record numbers …and most are set free soon after being captured…Because OTMs, or “Other Than Mexicans” as the Border Patrol classifies them, must be returned to their country of origin, they cannot be simply sent back across the southern border, as most Mexicans are…most OTMs are given a court summons and told to return in three months. A full 85 percent don’t…

"It’s an insane policy which encourages OTMs to come into the country illegally, and we shouldn’t be shocked that they are coming in record numbers,” says T.J. Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council…Border Patrol agents, he says, know that most OTMs have no intention of returning for the court hearing … “It’s more than a little demoralizing,” he says. “They feel like social workers. They are not enforcing the law; they are simply enabling people to break it"

There is no reason why regular flights could not collect same-nationality detainees from several points along the border and take them home.

Except lack of political will.

Hat tips, American Renaissance, Modern Tribalist.

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