Barone on Big Labor—Minus Immigration
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July 29, 2005, 11:50 PM
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Michael Barone has a piece in the Wall St. Journal, (Subscriber—link may work) titled Big Labor, RIP.

If you haven`t read it, let me tell you that the words immigrant, immigration, and Hispanic don`t appear in the piece at all. The only hint you might find of the demographic change in America that`s caused the decline is the fact that unions were most powerful "at midcentury."

That would be before the Immigration Act of 1965, wouldn`t it? Yes it would.

Meanwhile, over at La Raza News, the disaffiliation is all about immigration.

While we at accuse the AFL-CIO of being soft on illegals, they seem to feel that it`s soft on Americans, and are miffed that Big Labor isn`t fighting against such immigration enforcement as is actually taking place.