EU Elections: Patriotic Parties Make Progress In Holland As Well As Britain
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They just had the EU elections, where they vote for the representatives to the transnational European government. Geert Wilders, who is the political heir to the late Pim Fortuyn, (late because he was killed by a Dutch immigration enthusiast) made some gains in Holland.

In the Independent, they headlined it Wilders strikes first blow for European extremists, June 5, 2009. They haven't read Pim Fortuyn: Demonization Has Consequences by Steve Sailer.

The Turkish paper H??rriyet headlined it Anti-Turk Dutch party gains votes, June 5, 2009, which is one reminder that there's not only a immigration pull, but a push. (You can see similar headlines in Mexican papers.)

The BNP gained their first EU member, (as noted  by Patrick Cleburne below) as well as winning some County Council elections, which are more important than their American equivalent. The UK has 61 million people in it, but its small physical size means that it's organized in counties rather than states. British journalists and politicians who think that the BNP is a Bad Thing might want to read How PC Boosts Le Pen, by Theodore Dalrymple, about a similar situation in France:

By espousing the banalities of multiculturalism, the respectable politicians left those with a desire to conserve something of traditional French identity with nowhere to go but Le Pen. By declaring that realities as obvious as the high immigrant crime rate and the resulting fear that many Frenchmen feel cannot be mentioned by the polite and sophisticated, the respectable politicians and mainstream pundits have ceded all public discussion of such evident facts to the impolite and the outr?©, like Le Pen. The elites were the architects of his triumph.
If the two major parties , backed by the mainstream media, insist that that there's no problem, they're naturally going to push voters towards third parties.
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