ER Crisis: WSJ Misses Point, Blog Comments Don't
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Emergency room waits have increased 36% between 1997 and 2004, according to a study released yesterday by Health Affairs. It's safe to say the trend has continued since then. According to the WSJ coverage, researchers chalk it up to ER closings and "increased volume". (Waits Grow in Emergency Rooms, by Theo Francis, Health Blog of the Wall Street Journal 01-15-08)

If "increased volume" is supposed to be a euphemism for "overwhelming numbers of illegal immigrants", then I'd say they're right on target. I've been to the ER twice in the past five years, and both times I was the only non-Spanish speaker in the waiting room. And, I'd like to add, the only one with an emergency. The rest were runny noses and sprained ankles.

While Theo Francis and the WSJ seem to gloss over the critical factor that illegal aliens play in both the ER closings and increased volume, the blog's readers do not.

A few choice comments:

Common Sense?: "Another study that misses the boat….ER’s closing and increased volume=longer waits…the genius Researchers ignore the truth due to their idiot PS-ness. It is the ILLEGAL Alien and Welfare suckers that are forced on the Tax burdened Citizens and the WSJ open border fools just refuse to see the cause and effect..."

Anonymous: "A wonderful system of coverage by specialists of the ERs has been annihilated by the crooked trial lawyers (jackpot justice lawsuits) and the breath-takingly incompetent federal bureaucrats (EMTALA, ever declining Medicaid/Medicare reimbursements, the destruction of primary care, and refusal to enforce immigration laws)..."

David: "Obviously that 20 million illegal aliens played a big role in ER delay."

Is there any hope that the WSJ pays attention to any of this direct feedback from readers?
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