Enid, OK City Councilman Judd Blevins Threatened With Censure For Attending Unite the Right Protest In 2017
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I reported recently that Enid, Oklahoma City councilman Judd Blevins was under fire for having attended Unite the Right. Though he has been accused of no crimes or other wrongdoing other than attending the legal and First-Amendment protected protest, the duly elected councilman and USMC veteran has been singled out by the Enid Social Justice Committee for an attempt to have him formally censured [Tweet them]. See City commission to consider censure of Blevins, Enid News & Eagle, November 21, 2023. More disturbing, Blevins recently reported that the brake lines of his vehicle were deliberately cut [UPDATE: Blevins reports sabotage to his truck; police investigate, critics respond, by Violet Hassler, Enid News & Eagle, November 20, 2023].

Though the investigation is ongoing, the most obvious explanation is that this was an assassination attempt by a left-wing fanatic.

VDARE readers can help by sending polite, respectful emails to the other council members ahead of today's censure vote, asking them to support Blevins rather than attempt to appease a small group of Leftist agitators who do not represent their local community.

Ward 2 Commissioner—Derwin Norwood—[email protected]

Ward 3 Commissioner—Keith Siragusa—[email protected]

Ward 4 Commissioner—Whitney Roberts—[email protected]

Ward 5 Commissioner—Rob Stallings—[email protected]

Ward 6 Commissioner—Scott Orr—[email protected]


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