Employer Steve Sakuma Back In The News
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Our friend Steve Sakuma is back in the news. If you remember he appeared in this blog two years ago openly admitting that he prefers illegal aliens to legal workers.

Let's refresh Sakuma-san's opinion on illegal aliens:

"These illegal immigrants, or whatever you want to call them, have been around for a long time," Sakuma said. "And guess what? They're not bad. They're just making a living. They're here doing what other people won't do. If you think that white America is going to come out here and pick these strawberries, you have been living in the dark for a long time."

"Whatever you want to call them..." Interesting. Clearly Sakuma-san wants the cheapest labor. And guess what? Two years later, the laborers that Sakuma-san says are "not bad" suddenly are just that, bad, well bad for business, especially if they go on strike or can be replaced by cheaper legal guest workers, the infamous H-2A workers.

The Seattle Times July 23, 2013 by Lornet Turnbull and Anna Boiko-Weyrauch

Striking Farmworkers Afraid Of Guest-Worker Program

BURLINGTON — Labor unrest between a Skagit Valley berry farm and its migrant workers that led to recent work stoppages escalated Wednesday with workers saying they have been evicted from the farm’s housing.

Early morning talks over wages between the 270 workers and Sakuma Bros. Farms apparently broke down after the two sides could not come to an agreement over what they should be paid per pound for the blueberries they pick.

The striking farm workers, mostly indigenous Mixteco and Trique Mexicans who migrate each year from California, had made repeated demands over wages, working conditions and other issues.

But at the core of their angst is the pending arrival early next month of some 160 guest workers from Mexico to prop up the farm’s existing workforce...

While growers in Eastern Washington have used the federal government’s H-2A program over the last five years to legally bring guest workers into the country, this is the first year Sakuma or any Western Washington fruit grower will use it.

It is good to see Sakuma-san suddenly get right with the law, but you know that it is temporary. The moment the illegals realize their place in Sakuma-san's world of rootless cosmopolitanism, and then drop their outrageous demands, I am certain Sakuma-san will go with their cheaper labor, the law be damned. But it is nice to see the conflict between two groups of Mexicans. It certainly gives lie to the United Front against whitey.

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