Take Our "Elites." Please.
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In her recent VDARE.com blog about the appalling married pair Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin, Brenda Walker wrote:

The odd couple of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin is extreme even in a political culture that is becoming more clownish by the day.

This brings to mind that, during June, 2011's first round of then-Congressman Weiner's crotch-in-our-faces scandal, Mark Steyn wrote despairingly about the "Weinerization of the culture" and summarized with an observation close to Brenda's:

I have minimal expectations of this country’s depraved political class.

It seems to me that viewing politicians - especially ones at the national level - in that light is a useful starting point for interacting with them.  Of course, it won't generally pay, as a practical matter, to be impolite or obnoxious.  But suppose, for example, that, while trying to get a point across about the many horrors of the Senate immigration bill at your representative's townhall meeting, you're being stonewalled by his or her bafflegab.  Well, keeping in mind that he or she is probably an empty suit may help stiffen your spine to persist.

Nor is the corps of intellectually-lightweight depravity limited to the political branches of the national government.  Yesterday, Derb called attention to federal-appeals-court judge Damon Keith's recommendation that the word "alien" be struck from the U.S. Code.  And it goes higher: In 2000, Derb wrote, regarding the U.S. Supreme Court ["SCOTUS"]:

As I have explained many times to foreign friends, since it was explained to me by a learned man when I first came to this country, the justices of SCOTUS are not very exceptional persons. They are not even very exceptional lawyers.                            



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