<Em>Washington Times </Em>Joins The "Conservatives" For Mexican Trucks Coalition
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The Washington Times joins the "conservatives" for Mexican trucks on American roads coalition. To their credit, they're slightly less credulous about the safety issue than Rich Lowry, or George Will:
The Mexican trade war may just be getting revved up, thanks to the Obama administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress ending a Bush administration pilot program that allowed a limit of 97 Mexican long-haul truck drivers into the United States (whereas, under NAFTA, all Mexican trucks meeting reasonable road standards should have been allowed access). These 97 Mexican trucks passed U.S. safety inspections and in fact compiled a slightly safer record than U.S. trucks. With so few Mexican trucks and the short duration of the program the findings can't be said to be statistically significant. But shouldn't the encouraging results let the pilot program go on a little longer before making further decisions on Mexican truckers in contravention of NAFTA? [EDITORIAL: The Mexican-American War of 2009, Washington Times, March 24, 2009]
What this means is that somewhere in the bowels of Beltway Conservatism there is a very good PR man—like the late Hugh Newton, who used to run public relations for the Heritage Institute. The difference is that Newton was a patriot—whoever is putting out these stories is just trying to up the profits of trucking employers, at the expense of American workers.
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