"El Pistolero" Rewrites American History
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You have to give the devil his due, the old saying goes. Chicago radio talk host Rafael Pulido, a.ka. "The Pistol," was instrumental in helping to send 100,000 illegal aliens and their fellow anarchists into the city's streets March 10 to whine that their "rights" were threatened by the House of Representatives' tough enforcement legislation.[Radio show just isn't fun, games, by Oscar Avila, Chicago Tribune, April 23.] The example he set was soon followed by others in his industry who share his contempt for the rule of law and the sovereignty of the American people. But while there can be no doubt that Pulido, who prefers keeping a Mexican flag next to his microphone, was very smart to use his medium to fire up legions of lawbreakers who think our government owes them something, he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to events leading up to the birth of this republic. In response to a question from reporter illegal immigration, Pulido gave his interpretation of these events:

"If you go back into history, that's what the founding fathers of this country did. Who can tell me that the Pilgrims who came to this country to build this country, who stayed here to work, who can prove to me that they got a visa, that they went the "legal" way?"

An astute and conscientious reporter would have reminded the loudmouthed Pulido that (a) at the time the Pilgrims set foot on this continent in 1620 no organized government existed, which made it pretty difficult for the new arrivals to be here "illegally," and (b) the last time I looked, the Mayflower's passenger list did not include George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, etc. It is bad enough that far too many of our own citizens don't know their own country's history and that we must endure hypocrites like El Presidente Bush wearing the American flag pinned to their lapels, now we have to put up with the Reconquista riff-raff telling us that illegal aliens are cut from the same cloth as those whose genius gave us the world's greatest democracy based on the rule of law?

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