American Soldiers with Sombreros?
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You can't have just a little anarchy. The lawlessness spawned by illegal immigration is spreading corruption throughout our society, undermining our traditional values of fairness and law wherever it intrudes.

For example, the gains in wages and working conditions made over a century in meatpacking which made it a middle class occupation have been swept away by illegal labor. American high school kids don't mow grass any more (where they would have developed a good foundation of job skills) because there are millions of Mexicans doing yards for cheap.

The production and sale of fake documents is now big business. The sale of fraudulent identification documents is big business. And so it goes, with illegal labor turning out to be nearly as morally damaging as "free" labor, aka slavery.

Another troubling situation is the presence of Hispanic soldiers in our military who are miffed that their illegal alien relatives might have to go home — possible, but unlikely. It used to be that the Pentagon would excuse the soldier himself, but now the sense of entitlement for illegal behavior has expanded to the familia [Veterans Drawn Into Immigration Debate, Washington Post, April 24, 2006].

It is unclear how many soldiers find their loyalties similarly divided, but at a time when Pentagon has stepped up recruiting of Hispanics to fill recruiting quotas, experts say a crackdown on illegal immigration would undoubtedly cause resentment in the ranks.

"How do you tell them we're going to deport their parents and grandparents?" asked Hector Flores, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, a group that has encouraged Hispanics who do not plan to attend college to join the military. "That's not America."

It is unsettling to read about divided loyalty among our military. If Hispanics in uniform were required to defend the United States against Mexico, where would their allegiance lie?

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