Educating Ann: Let's Cast Down Our Bucket Where We Are
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That clip from The Kudlow Report in which Ann Coulter took on Grover Norquist surely laid to rest any doubts that Ann is a diligent reader of Steve Sailer’s blog posts.

Here she was at 4m12s into the clip, which is dated as Friday, April 12th on the CNBC website:

You see these rural areas don’t have enough lawyers.  How about bringing in, importing, some lawyers to compete with them? . . .

Here was Steve last Tuesday, April 9th:

For some reason, though, politicians are less enthusiastic about importing foreign lawyers to keep lawsuits from rotting in the courts. Instead, in South Dakota where lawyers are scarce in rural areas, politicians have come up with an incredibly brilliant theoretical breakthrough in how to deal with a shortage of workers: offer higher pay!

Since we now know beyond reasonable doubt that the bodacious Ann is a conduit from the Steve-o-sphere to the MSM, perhaps Steve might try to educate her on the fact that the U.S.A. has all the smart people it needs, as would quickly become apparent if we stopped depressing smart-people wages via mass immigration.

At 3m40s on the clip Ann says:

We need hi-tech workers . . .

We surely do, Ann; but how about we cast down our bucket where we are?


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