ECONOMIST: "Why Italy Has Not Yet Suffered Islamist Terrorism"
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From The Economist:

Why Italy has not yet suffered Islamist terrorism

Unlike other European countries, Italy has avoided jihadist outrages

Print edition | Europe, Sep 30th 2017 | ROME

… So it is remarkable that Italy should not have experienced a single deadly jihadist attack when Britain, France, Germany and Spain have all been targeted—not least because it undermines the argument for a link between illegal immigration and terrorism (in the first half of 2017, Italy accounted for 82% of unauthorised arrivals in Europe).

… The number of IS “foreign fighters” from each European country offers a guide to radicalisation. A study for the American National Bureau of Economic Research, using figures from 2014-15, found only 87 foreign fighters from Italy, compared with 760 from Britain and perhaps 2,500 from France (all three countries have similar populations). That, argues Mr Varvelli, is for two reasons. First, few of Italy’s Muslim immigrants belong to the second generation, which is the most susceptible to radicalisation (0.3% of Italian residents are second-generation immigrants of non-EU origin, against 3% in Britain and 3.9% in France).

That sure “undermines the argument for a link between illegal immigration and terrorism.” So, you dumb Italians who are worried about illegal immigration, don’t you realize that that you won’t see the worst of Muslim terrorism until the middle of this century when the next generation grows up and assimilates to EuroMuslim norms of jihad. The Sistine Chapel probably won’t be blown up for another 20 or 30 years, so why are you worrying about immigration now? Everybody knows you shouldn’t worry about immigration until it’s too late.

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