ECONOMIST Watch: Immigration Coverage Getting Weirder
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Coverage of immigration in The Economist just keeps getting weirder.  From the current (6/29-7Republicans spare no expense in the fight to keep foreigners/5) issue.

Page 29, article title “A big wall of money,” subtitle “Republicans spare no expense in the fight to keep foreigners at bay” (!)  Fourth paragraph:

America’s border with Mexico is already bristling with motion detectors, floodlights, cameras and barricades of different sorts.  The number of border patrol agents has doubled in the past decade.  They are equipped with fleets of jeeps, boats, planes, helicopters and drones, not to mention sniffer dogs, night-vision goggles and the like . . .

Page 53, article title “Eastward march,” subtitle “British exports to China are rising. But government policy is holding back business.” Eighth paragraph:

Britain goes out of its way to establish a reputation as a country hostile to visitors.


These weirdnesses must bring in some angry mail; yet the Letters columns of The Economist almost never run letters protesting the magazine’s fanatical globalism.

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