ECONOMIST'S Elizabeth Winkler Ignores Anti-Fa Anti-Women Violence
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An Economist writer called Elizabeth Winkler (email her) contacted me before Christmas about women in the Alt Right movement. I put her in touch with Cecilia Davenport and answered a few questions. The resulting smear recently surfaced: No women’s march|Women and the Alt-Right| Few women publicly identify themselves as followers of the fringe movement, February 1 2017.

I am quoted:

Peter Brimelow, another Alt-Right leader who runs VDARE, an anti-immigration site, says this is because women are not drawn to radical politics. He points to the protesters that inevitably surround Alt-Right events: “These people are obscene and violent. The police will not stop them. Very few women, and not many men, want to subject themselves to that sort of risk.”

It is an odd kind of thinking that sees danger in democratic protests against fascism and white supremacism. But this is consistent with the Alt-Right’s sense of being victims in a liberal society. The notion that women shy away from dangerous politics does not hold up, of course: they have led some of America’s most radical movements, including labour reform, prohibition, and abolition—not to mention women’s suffrage.

Subsequently, of course, "democratic protests" shut down a Milo Yiannopoulos meeting at Berkeley and a video of the pepper spraying of a female supporter of "white supremacist" Trump a.k.a. the President of the United States went viral.

I rest my case.

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