Economic War On Christmas
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Christmas is coming, and not only Christmas , but

A. The War On Christmas

B. Christmas shopping!

Although we've complained that Amazon Can't Say 'Christmas Gifts', and I wrote a post called Amazon And The War On Christmas—Even If They Call It “Your Holiday Headquarters”, Do Your Amazon Shopping Through!, it's still better than fighting your way through the "holiday" crowds to shop in stores where the clerks aren't allowed to to say "Merry Christmas!"

It's been suggested that I write a Buyers Guide "stuff we think readers would like. Books, flags, guns, riding tractors, whatever."

Unfortunately, because of 1960s-era laws that some people say are unconstitutional and other people say are racist, you can't actually buy (real) guns through Amazon, but you can buy knives, pepper spray,  holsters and gun safes.

You can also buy, today only,  Shop-Vac 6.5 Peak 12-Gallon Wet or Dry Vacuum, $89.00 (60% off).

But buy it through us, because Christmas shopping is really annoying.

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