Dow Blog returns to the battlefield
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This year the Dow Blog, which has done some truly excellent work in the past, has been showing signs of burn-out. Quite a few fine blogs have shut down lately: as remarked when Fjordman closed, amateurs and volunteers cannot be expected to go on indefinitely. (Inference: Support!)

However, patriotic outrage at the new Senate Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration measure has been stimulative. Four extensive articles have been posted in three days. Borjas on the Immigration ”Compromise” ends with as succinct a statement by DB of the reality as I have seen anywhere:

The economics are relatively simple. Low-skilled immigrants are admitted in huge numbers driving down the wages of blue-collar workers. Certain groups of professionals (doctors, engineers, and computer programmers for example) will also see their wages decrease…Meanwhile, the social costs associated with education, health care and welfare expenditures will explode and be largely socialized.

The primary beneficiaries will be social, economic, and political elites who manage to reap the benefits of mass immigration while insulating themselves and their families from the consequences…(They) don’t have their livelihoods, not to mention their children’s education, threatened by mass immigration, but they will acquire the cheapest pool cleaners, house-keepers, and roofers in the Western world.

Churches and Immigration is a valuable briefing for observant Christians on the Treason Lobby -Clerical Division (DB’s second this year).

Importing ”Family Values is a remarkable collection of the insulting, derogatory and silly remarks made about the historic American nation by NeoCons rushing to support this latest attempt to destroy it.

And no patriot would disagree with Dow Blog’s instant reaction to the Bill: Please Impeach These Guys.

The moral of the story is that we no longer live in a country governed by its people. What the elites want, they will get. Open borders, "free trade," never ending war and interventionism, the melding of America into globalist political institutions and a "global economy" and the destruction of our laws, culture, and people

Welcome back to the barricades, Dow Blog.

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