Georgia and S.C. Senators booed by Party Faithful: Deservedly.
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Senators can usually expect deferential and respectful receptions from their own party’s State conventions. But astonishingly this weekend GOP Senators were booed both in South Carolina and Georgia. Reason: their support for the new Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration bill.

Boos, hisses greet defense of immigration reform bill The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Saturday May 19 2007 actually has a link to a recording of Senator Chambliss being booed. He responded with the unbelievably stupid claim that without this legislation, America would have to import its food. Apparently he has never heard of machines.

In South Carolina, Kennedy-loving Senator Lindsay Graham was also booed for praising the bill. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, however, was cheered for denouncing the proposal. (Immigration Heats Up South Carolina GOP by Jim Davenport The Sentinel May 19 2007).

Getting booed by their own party delegates must have been a shock to these men. Perhaps it will remind them they were not elected to be servants of the White House. hopes the practice spreads.

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