Double Standard on "Hate"
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When a hostile immigrant student, one Cho Seung-Hui, exhibited years of criminal behavior like stalking and arson, the university cut him endless slack, presumably because of the no-blame ideology of multiculturalism, well discussed by the thoughtful editorialists at Investors Business Daily:

So why did they all tolerate his abusive behavior for so long?

Was it because he was a foreign student? Was it because he was a minority? Was it because multiculturalism has robbed us of our last sense, even our instinct for survival? Or was it simply because the campus lifestyle, more than the real world, tends to accommodate, even nurture, idiosyncratic behavior? [Victims Of Tolerance? IBD 4/19/07]

But when a middle school kid puts a slice of ham on the lunch table of some Somali students, that's a hate crime, according to the guardians of diversity in Lewiston, Maine.

One student has been suspended and more disciplinary action could follow a possible hate crime at Lewiston Middle School, Superintendent Leon Levesque said Wednesday. 'Hate Incident' in City, Lewiston Sun Journal 4/19/07]

In case anyone has forgotten, middle school is full of kid pranks, in which pre-adult social relations are acted out. Turning a slightly rude joke into a crime is no way to reduce normal tensions between ethnic groups, despite the beliefs of Stalinist school enforcers. has followed for some time the burrowing of Somalis into Lewiston and other locales, where the immigrant complaint culture has been used successfully to deflect normal standards of responsibility and assimilation.

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