Don't Bet The Farm On Glenn Beck
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A couple of readers have pointed out that Glenn Beck is wobbling on immigration:
He's trying to support amnesty without offending his audience, but judging from the calls, they're not buying it. He keeps talking about "jobs Americans won't do", and he calls for expanding legal immigration. A caller responded that we could replace all the doctors, nurses and engineers with cheaper foreigners. Beck wants illegal immigrants to pay a fine and "go to the back of the line". That sounds like McCain's position. readers need to call shows to counter the professional callers used by the enemies. The professional callers told the same stories on every show during the last amnesty debate, obviously reading from prepared scripts. By their accents, you could tell that their stories were phony. How many farmers from Alabama and ranchers from Texas have New York accents?

Another writer, listening to the same show, wrote:
Glenn Beck just caved on immigration, but he probably does not even realize it.

Unfortunately, he is so difficult to contact, nobody with any knowledge of the facts and issues is likely to get through to him. His popularity has created an ivory tower which few can ascend.

He basically called for contingent amnesty, based on paying a fine, etc. and opening the door wider for more legal immigration. The "jobs Americans won't do thing" came up. Again, he has obviously not looked into the facts and the usual results of such government. policy.

It would be great if he just read the Jordan Commission Report, but I doubt if he has even heard of it. He is developing a poorly informed "seat of the pants"immigration policy on the radio airwaves that could easily lead to further immigration disaster.

Although some of his history lessons are great, he is misinformed on some issues, especially those that are surrounded and protected by politically correct myth.

It's important to remember that Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and other mainstream media conservatives are subject to pressure from their advertisers—members of the Business Round Table who make a lot of their money from cheap labor. That's what Peter Brimelow means he says Put Not Your Trust In MSM Princes!

Beck is wrong about the idea of making illegals "pay a fine and stay"—it would be more logical for them to pay a fine and go. As for going to the "back of the line," that can only mean for citizenship, since the line for entry and residence forms outside the country.

Illegals don't want citizenship, they want American dollars. Many of them plan to retired to Mexico, and would only take American citizenship to avoid the possibility of deportation. Any children they have while sojourning will go to the front of the line for citizenship because they're born in the US.

But what we're talking about is a very specific problem—Glenn Beck, although on the conservative side, doesn't understand immigration, and can't be relied on to stay on message.

At, we do understand the issue, and we can be relied on. That's why we're asking for your donations to continue operations.

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